JBJ Picotope

The JBJ Picotope offers as an all glass aquarium with the curved look of acrylic.  This unit comes with a beveled GLASS Bottom and Front.   A 9w 50/50 lamp and a pico powerfilter.

The picotope is just what you need for the  work desktop or tabletop.

Pico Powerfilter

The slim line Pico Powerfilter is amazingly compact and turns over the 3 gallon PicoTope roughly 13x an hour to maintain a crystal clear environment for your aquatic specimen.

Includes: Leveling Knob and Flow Control Valve


  • Model: WF-2015
  • Volt: 115V
  • Power: 6 Watts
  • GPH: 40 gph
  • Dimensions: 3.3” X 3” X 4”
  • CE Approved

Clamp on Lamp

Our unique Clamp on Lamp fixture hangs on the back wall and can be positioned UP, DOWN, and even FORWARD to find that perfect illumination spot to view your favorite live animals. This energy saving JBJ Compact Florescent fixture contains a 9 Watt 50/50 lamp and a remote ballast for a cooler running pico environment.


  • Power: 9 Watts
  • Kelvin: 50/50 CF Lamp (Half Blue/Half 10K)
  • Ballast Type: 6 Watts
  • Tank Dimensions: 11.8” X 8.9” X 8.1”

Picotope In Stock

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Here are some awesome tanks people have set up with this aquarium.  Easy and fun to do.  Each tank can house a variety of inhabitants .  Grow coral or Start a freshwater planted tank.   If you are really brave do a shrimp and invert aquascape. 

Some wonderful Pico pictures

Setting up Small Tanks


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Sample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like. To…